SSP Enviro / E3Enviro offers environmentally friendly solvents, degreasers, cleaners and odor inhibitors, as well as, hydrocarbon consuming microbial cleaners and bio remediation agents.

Our products are environmentally safe industrial cleaning products for remediation of spills & leaks, industrial, waste water, emergency response, restaurant and transportation applications.

Our products are available in industrial sized drums for large product needs, as well as in 5 gallon pails for quick use or for those with small to minimal needs.

The environmentally friendly solvent that works as hard as the toxic alternatives.   Non - flammable
Non - VOC's
Excellent food source for microbes
Non - toxic
Biodegradable & water soluble
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Fast acting microbial cleaner, vapor suppressant and bio treatment- all in one.   No butyls
Non - toxic
Non - VOC's
Inhibits release of VOC's
Contains hydrocarbon consuming microbes
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A non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner. Safe to handle & store, will not harm paint, pump or machine internals.   No butyls
Non - toxic
Non - VOC's
Harmless to microorganisms
Mild ph
Will not irritate normal skin
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Earthen Edge
The easy-to-use one step ready to apply soil restoration solution.   Non toxic Easy to use
Contains a special blend of hydrocarbon consuming microbes
Eliminates oil sheen on contact
Restores shallow contaminate in soil, sand and gravel
Excellent for bio-testing drains, sumps, separators and septic systems
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Odor Edge
A non-toxic industrial deodorizer containing all natural, non-pathogenic microbes   Non toxic and biodegradable
Eliminates strong odors
Excellent for uses on animal, chemical, food and petroleum based odors
Formulated to eliminate animal, chemical, food and petroleum based odors from all surfaces
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